Let ExpressJS and async make your life easier

04 October 2013

Out of the box node.js provides an http module for sending and receiving HTTP requests. It attempts to abstract away the more tedious parts of forming requests and parsing responses. With the http module you can write scripts that communicate with the world via HTTP or even write simple HTTP... Read More...

What is NodeJS?

18 September 2013

This post is my basic answer to the question:

What is NodeJS?

Here I briefly discuss a few things about NodeJS that I think are essential to understanding what NodeJS is as a programming language. This explanation is neither totally comprehensive nor highly detailed.


Building large apps with AngularJS

01 August 2013

This post came out of my presentation at a UtahJS meetup. You can even go see my slides.


Power up Angular's $http service with caching

29 May 2013

Designing for Testability

17 May 2013

My talk given at UtahJSConf 2013


i18n.js vs jquery.i18n.properties.js

06 February 2013

Internationalization is a big deal these days, but implementing it is still a pain sometimes. With the rise in popularity of JavaScript-heavy applications using tools like Require.js, Backbone.js, Handlebars.js, etc., one naturally seeks a solution to the internationalization problem that fits into the paradigms... Read More...

Maven and r.js optimization

01 February 2013

Using Maven to manage a large project has it’s advantages, until you need to do something that doesn’t fit into the Maven’s defined context. Tools based on composability provide components that can be combined in various ways to accomplish needed tasks. Maven—a contextual tool—provides a lot of functionality out of the... Read More...

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

04 December 2012

On July 12, 2012, Yahoo revealed the theft of information from more than 400,000 accounts, including email addresses and passwords. On June 6, over six million passwords were stolen in a hack of the professional networking site LinkedIn.com, and it was reported that a user in a Russian forum uploaded... Read More...

Holding on to Reality

27 November 2012

The ability to mold reality to our desires is very tempting. Many video games attempt to give us just such an ability. Games like SecondLife and The Sims allow gamers to create lives and worlds according to their whims. Sadly, virtual reality becomes reality for some gamers. Many more games... Read More...

A Nobler Cause

15 November 2012

My skills as a software engineer offer me a wide range of job possibilities in nearly every industry, but I don’t want just any job. I want to go to work every day knowing that I help people with what is most important–their relationships with other people. Creating great technology... Read More...

Breaking Down Barriers to Collective Action

13 November 2012

Technology does not change the world–our use of it does. No matter how fast my PC boots up or how high my monitor’s resolution is, I go to sleep at night reflecting on what I’ve accomplished that day. It is not the awesomeness of technology that moves our souls and... Read More...

Don't Sell Yourself Short

01 November 2012

As a web developer and full-time computer science major, I spend a great deal of time on the computer, and consequently, on the Internet. At home and at school, I frequently check up on my friends and family members through social media. At work I often communicate with individuals located... Read More...

False Entitlement

25 October 2012

Our constitution recognizes and guarantees a number of basic human rights. We are entitled to our opinions, and we have the right to speak, gather, and worship as we please. We get those for free, don’t we? In the original Starcraft game series there was a cheat code, “something for... Read More...


23 October 2012



Open-source Constitution

23 October 2012

Hi I’m Jason Dobry. And Pseudobry.com is my blog.


Restructuring the Corporate Model

10 October 2012

The current corporate model is bloated and mired in complexity. Bureaucracy in the tech world fosters stagnation and contributes to a high employee turnover rate. Even hefty paychecks cannot compensate for suffocating management and boring products. Software developers are born problem solvers and are not motivated solely by monetary reward.... Read More...

Did women lose out with the Triumph of the Nerds?

09 October 2012

Nothing says “man” like a tough and rugged pickup truck. Now imagine if women were primarily responsible for its design and production. Would their tastes and preferences match ours? Would they be able to fully capture the essence of the pickup truck as it relates to a man’s pride? I... Read More...

One voice

04 October 2012

Do you know who governs the Internet? What does the law say about digital privacy? Who decides what one can and can’t do online? Cliff Stoll posed similar questions in a personal account of his lengthy and dramatic encounter with a hacker in a book titled The Cuckoo’s Egg. Cliff... Read More...

Open source government

27 September 2012

At the request of President Obama, some government agencies–namely the White House–have recently begun open-sourcing their software. I take this as a sign that our government is slowly catching up with the Open Source community. This is good, but for whom? America’s painfully slow legislation process is an impediment... Read More...

Enter the spectrum of commodification

17 September 2012

The price of a 2.5” solid-state drive has dropped by three times in three years, tablets sell for $45 in China, and last quarter more smartphones were shipped worldwide than the number of people who will be born this year. Hardware is cheap, but custom software is... Read More...

Not another browser war please...

11 September 2012

With the release of yeoman.io yet another set of opinionated tools enters the field. JavaScript’s transformation into a web programming language has led to an explosion of new libraries and development tools. As a developer, trying to sort through them all makes my head spin. Don’t get me wrong,... Read More...

Get out or go home

06 September 2012

To all programmers, system admins, nerds, geniuses, and otherwise harbingers of technology I say to you, get out or go home. Wait, don’t I mean “go big or go home”, or maybe “get to work or go home”? Nope, I mean just what I say. Get out or go home,... Read More...


09 July 2012

Why do I code? I think it’s healthy for me to periodically ask myself this question. I like to examine the reasons behind why I do things. I think it helps me to avoid wasting time, and to make the most of my life. Below is an example train of... Read More...


25 June 2012

In earlier posts I succeeded in integrating JsTestDriver, Maven, and Sonar, with tests written with QUnit and Sinon, all bundled up with Requirejs. The solution worked great except for one thing–JsTestDriver just dies sometimes. Frequently during use captured browsers would lock up, or fail to be captured, or crash during... Read More...

JsTestDriver + Maven + Sonar - Continuous Integration

18 June 2012


Check out my updated post on using jsTestDriver.


js-test-driver + qunit + coverage + requirejs

11 June 2012


Check out my updated post on using jsTestDriver.


Git for windows?

04 June 2012

Git is my favorite version control system, and I love GitHub. Unfortunately I don’t consider the command line to be my home, and therefore sometimes find it tedious typing lots of commands to manage my git repositories. Recently GitHub released GitHub for Windows, a GUI app... Read More...

It's time to jump on the bandwagon.

28 May 2012

I have just finished my finals and I am thinking, “now what? Well, why don’t I start a blog?” Seems like the standard thing to do these days. I don’t claim to know what I am doing (and I may even argue against it), but I love to code. I... Read More...